Want to Work With Kanye West? Here’s How

Kanye West x Adidas

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Kanye West is doing big things. The notorious rapper is a bright spot for Adidas, and has been that way since 2014. After luring him away from Nike for a reported $10 million, Adidas sees nothing but great things from their partnership. As such, it’s only logical for them to employ West for as long as possible. Their latest deal does just that.

As part of that deal, West’s Yeezy line exists as its own corporate entity. Consequently, there is an immediate need for Yeezy staffers. If you’ve ever wanted to work with Kanye West, now is your chance. Though most of the job opening at this point pertain to design and product management, there is a communications position available.

Take a look at all the openings here. Who knows? Maybe you will be the next designer to get yelled at by Mr. West.


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Mohamed Abdihakim

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