Under Armour with a Lifestyle Sneaker

Under Armour

Under Armour is getting ready to debut their first casual sneaker. Pictured above is a preview of a lifestyle sneaker from UA.

The shoe’s silhouette brings to mind some other LS models from brands. For me, this reminds me of Nike’s Pegasus 32 runner. Under Armour maintains a reputation as taking an omni sport approach. Their products span across a wide range of athletes. Most recently, we’ve seen UA’s basketball branch really take, despite some roasting they’ve suffered online.

The brands is looking to build off that momentum into a fairly predictable move. Lifestyle and casual sneakers are only selling out in more and more locations. So, it’s natural for UA to take on this branch of footwear. Whether or not it will continue their upward rise is another question entirely.

The shoe’s design elements seem fairly common place. But, there is one interesting feature. The sneaker’s upper seems to be at least partially woven. Are we going to see the brand throw its hat in that hotly contested ring of woven sneakers? I mean, we even see Puma doing it. So, why not?

Have a look at the images above and let us know if you’re feeling these. Additionally, leave us a comment and let us know if you’re feeling these. Would you like to see them drop?

Currently, we don’t have much info on this prospective release. That being said, keep up with us on Twitter as we learn more.


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