Nike Air Max 90 2.0 Flyknit – First Look

Nike Air Max 90 2.0 Flyknit

Woven uppers are part of the future of sneakers, and Nike knows it. Now, the Swoosh has decided to take their industry leading Flyknit material and place it on another one of their iconic runners. The Air Max 90 is the next model to take on the knitted material. It is set to be released in at least three colorways. Officially, this model is named the Nike Air Max 90 2.0 Flyknit.

Flyknit serves as the sneaker’s base material, while the overlays include a seamless film on the lateral mud guard. The whole theme of this sneaker seems to be light weight comfort. Consequently, this Air Max 90’s “Ultra” midsole is constructed from a special foam.

As of now, all we have are the schematic pictures above. As such, we don’t have any release or pricing info as of yet. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter for updates and stay tuned for release links once the Nike Air Max 90 2.0 Flyknit drops.

Check out the pictures above and let us know what you think. Are you a fan of Flyknit? Are you looking forward to a woven Air Max 90? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author’s Take

This isn’t even remotely surprising. Nike has gone from slowly putting out Flyknit to dressing more and more of their releases in it. And why shouldn’t they? The one-piece woven set up has largely been met with praise. The lightweight uppers make for superior running shoes. Flyknit is even part of Nike’s basketball sneaker revolution.

For me, Flyknit is always an upgrade. The Air Force 1’s woven make over made for a fantastic release. Additionally, the Flyknit Air Max 1 served as a timely upgrade to a classic.The form fitting material is very likely going to be met with praise as the base of the Air Max 90 as well.

Images via Nike Blog



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