Is This the 2017 HyperRev?

Nike Zoom HyperRev 2017

The HyperRev has been battling it out with the Hyper Dunk for its popularity. Both sneakers are standard on court performers. They both are also some of the most popular general releases from Nike Basketball. Both are also sported by basketball players of all sizes.

This season, we saw the 2016 HyperRev only grow in popularity. In the NBA, players such as Draymond Green, Richard Jefferson, and Aaron Gordon have regularly opted for it. The Hyperdunk, though it has lacked in innovation to this point, was worn this year by the likes of Paul George and Kevin Love

Well, Nike clearly isn’t letting the Hyperdunk remain in its current state of mediocrity. Now, we also get a look at what might be the HyperRev’s next step. Here, we get a look at a simple new silhouette from Nike: the Zoom Rev. Now, any thought that this is the latest HyperRev is presumptuous. Still, it seems like a solid performer on the court.

The Rev’s upper is in a standard mesh that toughens up around the ankle portion for support. Speaking of support, it doesn’t look like Nike is going with Flywire on this prospective model. The most interesting thing about this shoe is probably the outsole. The thick rubber herringbone traction pattern takes on a wavy aesthetic, making for a unique look.

Nike hasn’t revealed much about this sneaker, but an early 2017 release wouldn’t be surprising. Additionally, whether this is a successor to the HyperRev is still in question. If that is the case, it would be a definite swerve away from the HyperRev’s usual aspects, like the sock-like ankle portion.

Stay tuned to Kicks Links as we learn more about the Nike Zoom Rev 2017 and it’s release information, including a release date, price, and retailers you will be able to purchase from.


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