The Latest From Adidas: The Ozweego 2 By Raf Simmons

Ozweego 2 By Raf Simmons

Adidas is at it again. After successfully collaborating with Raf Simmons on a number of projects, the two are back with a new drop for Spring/ Summer 2017. This time, we see the return of the Ozweego 2. It’s not highly regarded by many sneaker heads, but the Ozweego 2 By Raf Simmons is still one of Adidas’s most popular 90’s runners.

This isn’t the first time the partnership has taken aim at the old school runner. Back in 2015, the collab of choice was an all-Red Ozweego 2. This time around, we get a very different take on the sneaker. The color scheme here is a combination of Cream and Off White. The upper is decked out in a combination of synthetics and high grade leather. Contrasting with that tonal option is a Navy, Green, and Black version. This iteration also features silicone panelling on the lateral sides. Additionally, we can also see a Green outsole finishing off the shoe’s more colorful look.

Pictured above are our first looks at the latest from the collaboration, set to be a Spring/ Summer 17 drop.

We don’t have any release or pricing info on these sneakers as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this prospective drop in the comments section below.

Author’s Take

Adidas has never been shy about taking on collaboration projects with big names in fashion. The brand’s relationship with Raf Simons has been going for quite some time. Some other big names they’ve partnered with include Rick Owens and Stella McCartney. In fact, Adidas’s work with famed designer Yoji Yamamoto has brought about some of the brand’s best work.

Generally speaking, Adidas really seems to be ahead of the curve on a certain trend. The respective worlds of fashion and sportswear are becoming less and less distant. That has coincided with the rise of the Three Stripes Brand as the sneaker of choice on runways across the globe.

Adidas’s forays into the fashion world have resulted in some exemplary work. I have to be honest, I am really into the Off-White pair of this Ozweego 2 By Raf Simmons. I can’t say I pay much attention to this runner. It’s hard to reference the Ozweego 2 in any sneaker related conversation I may have. But, it’s got a beautiful shape and an retro aesthetic that catches your eye.

It has to be said, though, that there is no way these latest Ozweego 2 By Raf Simmons x Adidas sneakers drop for anything less than $400.

Images via halloherbert

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