VIDEO: Craigslist Sneaker Deal Gone Wrong Kid Loses Arm

Craigslist sneaker deal gone wrong

Violence seems to be a growing topic within the sneaker community as of the past few years. This story however, about a craigslist sneaker deal gone wrong will definitely open your eyes on how you go about your next sneaker purchase. It seems that with the hype, and increasing value of sneakers the violence has as well.

This weekend, Phil, a 39 year old father of three was selling a pair of Air Jordans to a Brooklyn teenage buyer when the teen pulled a gun to his face with intentions to pull the trigger. After realizing the gun was jammed, he grabbed the sneakers and attempted to make a run for it. Shortly after he bolted to run, Phil the seller, ran him over causing the teenager to lose his arm in result of the collision.

We all love sneakers but nothing should be this serious, it is however a reminder that we need to be careful during any sneaker transactions. We recommend everyone to be both smart and safe while going through with any sneaker purchase. There are many places go buy from either online or from actual retail locations.

Check out the video from the crime scene above and let us know what you guys think in the comments section below.


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