Adidas Brings Back a Classic Tennis Shoe

Adidas Brings Back a Classic Tennis Shoe

As sneaker heads, a respectable number of us have a certain appreciation for tennis shoes. These sneakers have added their own flavor to the history of footwear. Now, Adidas has brought back one of the lesser known – and even less so revered – tennis classics: the Rod Laver

The Rod Laver very quickly reminds of an extremely popular tennis model, the Stan Smith. It doesn’t share its counterpart’s widespread appeal. Despite that, the Laver is a cult hit and absolute gem from the Three Stripes. Much like the Stan Smith, this old school tennis shoe is associated more with a leather upper. This latest release sees an upper that mixes a durable mesh with leather details.

Though underrated, the Rod Laver continues a formidable fashion run. Adidas is obviously very minimalist with this release. In fact, the “Vintage” version celebrates that original drop and all its leather glory. Regardless, its simplicity doesn’t take away from its status as a cult classic. Adidas is trending towards more fashionable sneakers – retro or otherwise – and the Rod Laver fits that appeal. The Rod Laver is an easy compliment to just about any outfit, thanks to its toned down colorways.

The Adidas Rod Laver celebrates one of the best tennis players of all time. Beside the historical perspective, they make for an easy summer go-to.  You can pick up the Rod Laver right now over at for just $65.


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